Streamline Club Members

At the end of September 2011, we celebrated our first year. Streamline now have in excess of 84 members having started in September 2010 with 32. To see more scroll down through our "Club History".

Awards and Celebration Swim The Celebration Swim is quite new and we hope you will enjoy both the fun side and the coming together of all swimmers praising their hard work and achievements. There will be a Trophy presented to the “Most Improved Girl and Boy”, which the recipient can keep.

  Easter Swim Gala 2015
Streamline Swimming Club based at 1610 Holsworthy, had their in-house Gala on Sat 19th July, in the newly refurbished pool. It was lovely to see so many new faces. As always Kim & Jackie remain grateful to all parents for their support. Streamline still retains its ‘friendly’ atmosphere. Cyril, Lauren, Keeley & Emma opened the Gala with a display of an Individual Medley – as always, competitive with a smile! Poppy swam in her first Gala, producing a lovely 25 metre front crawl and backstroke. We concluded with a Canon relay which bought all swimmers together, lifting the roof with cheering. Swimmers were presented with a certificate and a medal. We would like to thank all ‘time keepers’, Helen, Anna and Gill. There was a ‘special’ acknowledgement from Streamline to Cyril, presenting him with a cheque to go towards he’s ‘training’ with a Surf Instructor so he can work during the summer break.
Pictured: Cyril, David, Michael, Georgina, Millie, Rhiannon, Emily C, Emily T, Keeley, Holly,
Sophie P, Sophie S, Poppy, Liam, Alice H, Alice B, Eloise, Eleanor, Lizzy, Rebecca, Tilly, Kylie,
Laura, Lauren, Cloe, Chloe, Hatti, Jake, Imogen, Jared, Timon, Alicia, Erin, Alicia, Maddie, Daniella.

  Easter Swim Presentation (March 2014)
March saw the end of yet another busy term for Streamline. We are continuously grateful for some members who have been with us since we started back in September 2010, along with the many new members …. It’s so rewarding to be taking you through your swimming experience, progressing ultimately to our training sessions.
We were sad to see Ann leave at Xmas, but we welcome Andy to take on the little ones. We have found to avoid creating a waiting list at this stage, we have started our Tuesday lessons at 5.45 on Tuesdays, also to help keep numbers in lessons down. Andy was very happy to find himself making he’s little speech for the Most Improved swimmer in he’s group. This went to Niall Slade, big applause all round, Niall came forward with a massive smile as he was totally unaware of the presentation taking place, let along the possibility of walking away with a Trophy to keep for he’s efforts. Jackie nominated Sophie Piper as her Most Improved, quite literally for improving across all four strokes. Sophie has worked hard during this term. Kim’s award went to Zoe Pett, who was totally surprised. Zoe is growing in confidence and showing commitment while developing her stroke techniques. Daisie Cootes also received a voucher for her efforts during this term.
On Thursday our Most Improved trophies were awarded to Cayden Gill for not just improving he’s strokes, developing he’s stamina and technique, but also developing a cheeky sense of humour! Sophie Sleeman was acknowledged by Jackie, as Sophie struggled with the diving block, but persevered she did, and mastered the art, now confident to tackle racing dives. Rhiannon Todd also received a voucher, for excellent growth and development with her swimming, especially Front Crawl, having knocked 14 seconds off her time from the start of term. Many Congratulations to you all, you all try so very hard, well done. Happy Easter to all our members and families.

Awards and Celebration Swim (July 2012) 
Congratulations to Streamline Training Club swimmers for an amazing end of term swim. As always, our thanks go to the parents of our swimmers for their support and early morning training session transport! We have seen progression through the ASA Stage programme into Sprint Times. Cyril celebrated he's 2nd Platinum achievement, well done. Keeping him on he's toes we had the pleasure of welcoming Bobby and Rachel into our Elite training sessions. Presented with Most Improved Boy this term were: Jared, who showed commitment and determination having joined at the beginning of this term. Kirsty was our Most Improved Girl, having mastered the breast stroke technique, now producing an admirable glide. We also acknowledge a swimmer who we feel has shone in a way that is not necessarily by Improvement, this term Alice was congratulated on her efforts, happy committed personality, and attendance - well done to you all. This term we welcome moving - Grace, Alice and Cloe up to the hour training.

Photo: Dawn Bewes

Photographed, in the sun with Jackie and Kim are: Cyril, Bobby, Georgine, Millie, Oliver, Ioan, Tjay, Nyah and Meave W, Kylie and Sophie P, Alice, Cloe, Jared, Grace, Lizzie, Poppy, Holly and Sophie S, Kitty and Megan M, Kirsty, Ursula and Felicity O, Robert and Matthew H, Rebecca and Hannah M, Hattie, Ella, Ellie M, Ellie G, Mia, Mae and Lauren H, Catherine, Chloe, Lucy and Ellie B and Alexandra.

We continue to be amazed at the dedication and commitment of all our swimmers, we are very proud of you all and look forward to next term. Enjoy your summer break. Extended thanks go to all the Staff at Holsworthy Leisure centre and our adopted photographer Dawn Bewes. If you would be interested in any club details please contact us.

  Easter Swim Gala (March 2012)
Saturday 31st March saw a double celebration.... a first Gala for Streamline and Holsworthy Leisure Centre. Streamline was set up in September 2010 by Kim & Jackie. At the end of each term, swimmers have come together for their Presentation Swim, receiving certificate and Most Improved Boy and Girl trophy. Interest and improvement has been so great that we saw the birth of our Easter Annual Gala. The event was amazingly well supported, as always by parents and swimmers. Our Gala enabled swimmers to achieve their very first PB with Streamline. Times ranged from Bobby achieving 100mtr 1.12.59 front crawl. Nyah & Ella gaining their first 50m swim with times of 1.03.59 and 55.65 front crawl, respectively. We witnessed some gutsy swims within the Individual Medley, concluding with a 50 metre relay, which included every attending swimmer, amazing fun, good use of any spare energy and voice! As always we recognise our Most Improved Boy and Girl. This term it gave us great pleasure to acknowledge: Tjay Acres, who has consistently improved with confidence, helped along the way with he’s 100% attendance, benefitting in greater self belief and Chloe Hall, who is developing into a competitive, mature swimmer, having struggled with diving and tumble turns for ages, has cracked it all. Well done to you both. Jackie & Kim would like to thank our parent helpers: Time keepers: Simon & Nicola Hammond, Rob Moores & Sue Roper. Collecting the swimmers: Bruce Paton. Time recorder: Ann Crowther. Receptionist: Liz Pike and Helen Wright for producing beautifully written certificates. It goes without saying a Big Thank You to Bob and his team at Holsworthy.... their help is invaluable.  We wish all our members a very Happy Easter break. Kim & Jackie.

Awards and Celebration Swim (July 2011)
Streamline members gathered for their 3rd Presentation swim on Saturday 23rd July, also celebrating the end of a very successful 1st year. Streamline has gone from strength to strength this past year, we remain grateful to all those parents and swimmers for joining in those early days back in September 2010 – along with the new members we are now in excess of 80 swimmers – many of them progressing into our Development and Advanced training sessions. This Presentation was of particular importance, as we not only welcome back Jackie from being poorly, we extend massive thanks to Anne Crowther – who will now not need to get up with the milk float, enjoy your lazy Saturdays and long Tuesday evenings again Anne. Over 40 members arrived for this Presentation swim. We commenced with the Advanced swimmers demonstrating their I/M, through to a special display of confidence from Lucy Burnard, Callum Foote, Felicity Owen & Megan May over their 25 mtr swim. This term we have spent a lot of time in our training sessions enhancing diving skills and the transition into strokes – absolutely amazing achievements from all swimmers participating, well done to you all. Our Most Improved Boy and Girl swimmers went to: Ioan Hughes, for he’s continued improvement across all four strokes... well done, you have tried and benefitted from your efforts. Kitty May – who has gradually turned up each session with more confidence, now producing a lovely relaxed stroke, congratulations to you. This bought us to our Special Recognition award, which can be for someone who has shone out in a way we feel needs acknowledging. It was with great pleasure to present this to Jack Healy for maturing into a strong competitive swimmer, showing dedication to he’s swimming and support to all other swimmers including ‘teacher assistance’ – with a happy positive personality. Jack also embarks upon life at Exeter College, to which we all wish him the very best - Good luck Jack! Congratulations to every swimmer for their achievements this term, we wish you and your families a very happy and safe summer break. September terms starts Saturday 17th and Tuesday 13th. We are pleased to announce that Bude RATS will be training with us on Monday evenings, starting 12th. Also, we are opening up an additional training on Thursdays to Advanced Swimmers and Adults (welcome to our Waitrose Partners) this starts 15th. We would like to thank, Michelle Ward (Torridge Sports Manager) & Bob Dermot for our Pool time, Rodney Parrish our resident photographer, Stuart Moores for our website and HPT Sports for our club Discount.  

      Streamline end of term report (Jan to April 2011)
Bright and early on 2nd April, enthusiastic swimmers attended our second Presentation and Celebration swim. Since we started last September, our membership is now in excess of 60 whereby 44 swimmers were able to attend this event. 
Opening with Felicity, Lucy and Grace’s first attempt and success at 25 mtrs – applause all round, a fantastic way to start, leading onto our Training group with an I/M – well done Tom, Kieran and Marley, but you couldn’t catch Cyril ! All gaining their Bronze 100mtr Breastroke speed time. We continued with friendly races, a real opportunity to shine and show off their developing strokes.   At these events we present our Most Improved Boy & Girl swimmers – who this term were Sophie, for giving 100% every week and being a very happy positive swimmer. Oliver, for quite literally being the Most Improved - he has undertaken every instruction to the best of he’s ability and constantly improved throughout the term. We also choose another swimmer who we feel requires recognition – Lauren Hughes for her persistence and attitude, achieving her 100 mtr Bronze Breastroke speed time. In addition, we decided this term there were a special group who have been outstanding from the beginning of this term.... Lucy, Felicity, Grace, Jude, Callum and Megan achieving their Preliminary Safety Award and Nyah for a wonderful 50 mtr swim not long ago tackling 25mtrs. George was also acknowledged for he’s enthusiasm and commitment to swimming and club life. Well done to all of you. Certificates were given to swimmers who had achieved their goals for this term, not omitting anyone, as everyone has improved, in stamina, stroke and technique. In the training sessions, all improving on their times. Well done to you all.  
We continue to thank, Bob Dermott and he’s team for their help. HPT Sport, Holsworthy for our members discount and Rodney Parrish our photographer, Mike Howard & Wayne from Sign-O-Times, Bude. Also, we are truly grateful for the support and loyalty from all the parents of our swimmers – it is a pleasure to have you apart of Streamline. You all bring a very positive and happy feel to your club.

Streamline end of term report (Sept to Dec 2010)
Streamline saw the end of their first swimming term on 11th December. Members and parents come together for their presentations and celebration swim. Our membership is now over 50, with new swimming entries for the coming year. It has been an amazing 1st term, fully supported by parents who encouraged us to start up here at Holsworthy. 


Due to seasonal illness some swimmers were unable to make the celebration and presentation swim, along with some taking an early Christmas break. Swimmers achieving a range of awards from Matthews first 25 mtrs, Stages 6 through to Stage 10 and 100 mtr Silver time swims from 1.25.10. Not forgetting Chloe’s achievement of a f/c tumble turn! The presentation concluded with Jackie & Kim presenting their Most Improved swimmer for this term, being Ursula Owen and Ned Oliver. Our special award was also given to Tom Martin. Once again our thanks go to Bob Dermott and he’s team for their continued support. To HPT sport and Rodney Parrish, our ‘resident photographer’ Merry Christmas everyone, we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.  Kim and Jackie

  Plymouth Life Centre - Dive, Dive, Dive! 
...... "anyone spot Beth" ?

Streamline Swimming Club Diving Experience at Plymouth Life Centre Saturday 12th April
Diving Report from Kim & Jackie

Wow, what an experience. On 12th April, 37 Streamline swimmers set off from various homes in Devon & Cornwall, venue Plymouth Life Centre…. Into what can only be described as ‘the unknown’! Later known as ‘the diving pit’. Some nerves started early, didn’t they Chloe? Soon to be discarded and swiftly replaced, with energy, enthusiasm and an amazing amount of ‘courage’. Our youngest group, Sian, Jacca, Chay, Fern & Sophie rose to the occasion, showing little apprehension, all the way through to oldest Beth, who had a mean task to set to the group she was in. It would be inappropriate to name any one swimmer, doing so well, as I don’t think we have seen so many children try so hard, and take themselves to a completely different personal challenge…. you should have seen the looks on some Mums and Dads faces too.
On arrival to pool side, Jess & her diving team took command. Split into 4 age related groups, they were immediately taken through pool side diving activities, the speed and energy delivered at this stage remained throughout the hour, never faltering never wavering. Each instructor had their group mesmerised and focused on trying harder than they had ever tried before. A hive of activity took place around the dive pit, Richard taking (we hope – no pressure Richard) some amazing pics, Jackie & I taking what I can only described as pot luck shots !!! We will circulate soon so you can all see.
We have asked all swimmers who attended, to write, in their own words, a sentence or two on their thoughts/feeling of their diving experience, this will be posted on Streamlines website. These recordings will say far more than any words I can put down here…. Please read them when I have collated them, and enjoy. Guess what - We are doing it all again, only it’s going to be an Adult/parents challenge, then another opening to swimmers. It goes without saying, a massive ‘Thank You’ to Jess and her Team was given by Streamline.
Congratulations to you all – you were (are) amazing.

Comments from our Diving Experience:

Jess (Diving instructor)
Many thanks for the kind words. We are glad that everyone enjoyed their time with us – they were a great group of children who were very responsive and enthusiastic, which helped with the successful running of the lesson, so well done to all of them!

Dear Kim & Jackie,
Just wanted to say a BIG Thank you for organising the diving experience for the Streamline swimmers – what a fabulous experience, and they had a great time – certainly Laura did.
Thank you again, Happy Easter to you both and see you in May.

Some wonderful comments from swimmers attending:

Hi, from Izabel McHattie....I really enjoyed the whole experience and want to go again. Next time I want to jump from the top and dive from a higher one. Thanks for taking us. xxx 
I really enjoyed the diving, it was an amazing experience and it taught us new skills. Most of all it taught us how to get over our fear of heights! The instructors were very nice and always went over stuff with you if you were unsure of something; and it was great that they took the time to let us do this. Thank you! :) 
I enjoyed the springboard and after a while I got over my fear of heights. My tutor let us jump from the 5 metre board. I flew through the air. Eleanor Bunting
The diving experience was amazing, I enjoyed it immensely. Jumping off the ten metre board was exhilarating but the most exciting thing that we did was probably learning to dive backwards off the side of the pool. Lizzy
It's was such an amazing experience, jumping off the ten metre board was incredible, I cannot wait to try it again!"  Beth 
I had a great time at the diving experience, would love to do it again. I had ago at jumping from the 10m board, I was amazed that I did it!! Many thanks to Jackie and Kim for organising this.
Kelly Davies :)

Standing on the 10 metre board was scary but amazing. Jumping off the 3 metre board was really fun. The spring boards were brilliant and I enjoyed doing tuck jumps in time with my friend off them. Even learning things off the side of the pool was fun – I learnt how to do a backwards dive with some help from a coach!   Khaya & Ella Paton

It was an amazing experience which I would love to do again. It was very high I'm glad I jumped from the 7.5 metre board it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I took. – We can’t wait to do it again :-)
Meave & Nyah 

Thank you for a fantastic evening, as a family we all really enjoyed it.  Melanie Slade (Parent)

‘It’s very nerve racking when you are up there and its easier said than done!'
'But it was amazing and maybe a once in a life time opportunity’  Liam Slade

I really enjoyed the diving experience, the instructors were great and very helpful – everyone should give it a go.  Laura